MOM is WOW, ……. but

. . . today, the image on the left may invite more raised brows than wows. Not saying that’s a concern for mothers to worry about, for why let others rather than your own needs determine your task? In reality, the needs of her children, marriage and family stare her in the eyes daily. Unless these things change, mothering is not going to be much different than the all- around caring it has been. Start with the basic needs, have they changed?

It’s like the difference between garment factories and dressmaking. The former employees handle specific tasks in the multi-step process so most workers never get to put a whole garment together. There once was a factory worker who went to Europe and saw a doll on sale. She then realized all the strings she used to neatly pack were part of an electric doll sold in that boutique. Can you imagine how she felt?

What we have done to mothering, parceling the tasks, as if that is the way to free mothers from mundane tasks to be fulfilled in life, is a sad attempt at improving something without thinking of its nature and consequences, thus emptying it of its true meaning and role. Is playing sports bad because you have to sweat? Mothering sure needs good helping hands. But are we making a doll or growing a child? Whereas the family was once at the center of society, which elevated the importance of parenting and homemaking, where once we held sacred the sacrifices of parents, and sang their praises, we now have a society that sees babies, children, husbands, marriage and mothering as selfishness, backward, an injustice towards women, a hindrance to happiness, even a source of environmental crisis. Bashing motherhood serves no good purpose but to please the prejudiced, the ignorant, ignoble and ingrate. There are studies about styles of parenting on ways to avoid mistakes done in the past. It’s a better use of our time to be properly informed, support our mothers and enhance parenting for the next generation.

Making it bearable

Quick check: Have you met anyone who thinks negatively of motherhood? How would you respond?

Last thought: Though “homemaking” is no longer the only option for women, it does not follow that motherhood is no longer significant. Just because there’s wine and milk, water is no longer needed? Like motherhood, water is still significant, special, and superior in many ways.