Welcome to Counseling The Heart.

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This is a blog where you can leave your touch, be it sweet or bitter. As a Christian counselor, I like to walk along your side. Or let me take you to feel and smell the beauty of life. So this blog will also feature Wisdom of the Ages from the Bible for counseling, contemporary heroes to inspire faith, hope and love for a better you, music and art for the soul — all to celebrate life as gift from God. Every time you visit, I hope you find something that will brighten  your day and help you make that next step to a better  you. Check out my page on the Image of God to start this journey.

Call me Sinnen. I am a nature lover and Worf is my terrier dog. It’s hard not to feel blessed surrounded by greens and sunshine in Northern California. Moreover, grateful that I can travel to meet wonderful people in different countries, helping them to overcome issues in life and become helpers through counseling training. This blog gives me a way to continue to do so and reach wider audience. Find these in the posted articles and the top pages. I would like to hear from you also. In the comment section, let me know if there is a subject you want to be addressed for biblical perspective and counsel.

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